Cancelled/will be rescheduled in 2019 Living Peacefully with Strong Emotions

with Ven. Douglas Gentile

November 2nd—November 4th (2018)

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  • $225
Room: East

Friday November 2nd through Sunday November 4th

This weekend workshop will focus on how to live peacefully with difficult emotions and life’s stresses from three perspectives. 

Dr. Bagga will focus on how the brain is affected by stress and how mindfulness practices can increase brain activity, affect neuroplasticity, impact the endocrine, cardiac, GI, nervous, and reproductive systems. 

Jennifer will focus on using movement, breath, and mudras to help connect mind, body, and emotion. 

Ven. Dr. Cheolsoeng will focus on the psychology of emotions, and Buddhist meditation techniques for working with strong emotions.  Students learn how to empower their mind, work smart, and stay calm yet capable, through even the toughest challenges by applying specific breathing and mindfulness techniques.


Dr. Nidhi Bagga is a registered pharmacist, professor, yoga practitioner, and mindfulness instructor. She blends a deep knowledge of human physiology with mindfulness practices. In 2017, she gave a TEDx talk.

Jennifer Gentile is a registered yoga instructor (RYT 200), and has received certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy.

Ven. Dr. Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile is an ordained Zen monk in the Five Mountain Zen Order.  He is an award-winning research scientist and psychology professor, and his approach joins scientific psychological and Buddhist philosophical perspectives.