Earth, Sky, Trees, and Other Sentient Beings

Windhorse Retreat Center comprises 34 rural acres in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.  Situated in the heart of the precious Great Lakes bioregion, the land was shaped by retreating ice sheets 10,000 years ago. Glacial hollows, ridges, and moraines appear in the surrounding terrain, where forests of maple and basswood as well as oak-hickory savannahs have formed the basis of the biological community.

Shambhala International acquired the parcel in 2005. The land continually magnetizes members of our sangha and greater society. It invites us to find ways to care for it and rediscover basic goodness in ourselves.

A small group of people is dedicated to guiding the next iteration of Windhorse in Lion Region. Solstice celebrations, outdoor concerts, bicycle retreats, and ecological restoration are among the activities we want to see on the land. We invite you to bring creative wisdom mind to this sacred space and make it your own.

Members of the community hold an aspiration that financial means might appear ‘out of the ether’ to make it possible so the land may continue to serve the sangha.  Philanthropist-bodhisattvas are encouraged to get in touch! However, we all know money doesn’t buy happiness…..people power is very much in need as well. If you find any of this post of interest please contact me, Tomas Ward, at [email protected]


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