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Hello Readers,

I’m experiencing writer’s block again. I was on a roll with easy flowing topics the last couple of months, but not so right now. I think I may just write briefly about ideas that pop into my mind…like a stream of consciousness!  I hope you don’t get dizzy: buckle up.

First thought. The 6 paramitas – generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, meditation, and wisdom.  Paramita translates as perfection and is also referred to as crossing over from relative truth to absolute truth, or, crossing over from just worrying about your own suffering to concern for the suffering of others. The 6 paramitas are all about the path of the bodhisattva (Mahayana teachings) and there is much written on the paramitas and entering this path of service for the benefit of others. Much of it is very practical without a lot of jargon. Bodhisattva is often translated as awakened heart. So the 6 paramitas are a way to utilize and cultivate our mindfulness and awareness in order to open our hearts/minds to the vastness of what is going on all around us, minute by minute, in order to be of more benefit to the world. Look up lojong slogans as a start, if interested. (I apologize to folks reading this who aren’t versed in some of the Buddhist lingo I’m using. Feel free to look up stuff if you feel motivated.)

Next thought. “No matter where you go your mind is there with you.” I said this to my sister during a conversation she and I were having a couple weeks ago. We were talking about how different the world is today from when we were growing up. She was born in 1967 and I was born in 1969, and she was saying how overwhelmed she feels at times with the speed, aggression, lack of attention to detail and general apathy toward a standard of quality from some of the people she works with. A lack of honesty and integrity of elected officials, (we both know this isn’t anything new in our lifetimes, but it seems to be far more normalized now). And, she said how she has this kind of underlying feeling of dread a lot of the time. While she was musing about what she could do about this, she asked me something like, “If there was one thing you could work on to help with this what would it be?”  That’s when I said my mind.

Think about it. No matter how much wealth you have, how much physical strength you have, how smart you are, or how many friends you have, if you don’t have strength, stability or clarity of mind, then what good are the other things in the long run? If you lose your mind to aggression, ignorance, fear or doubt, then you are incapable of making decisions based on wisdom and compassion. Our mind is all-powerful and happy if we take care of it and train it to remain calm and present in the midst of whatever situation we find ourself in. We know we will be okay, and we will also be able to be there and care for others should they need us.

Another thought:  Cigarette! I’m trying to quit and it just popped into my head. 😉

Final thought: “Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future.” This is such a great song by Steve Miller! I waited a little too long to get to writing again so I’m feeling a bit disappointed in myself that this blog is going to be out late this month. Regardless, time isn’t for or against us, it just is and I better get this to Lisa so she can put out the newsletter. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Until next month…




2 thoughts on “Moment to Moment

  1. Sue- Ok maybe there is the “correct” conceptual time of when this blog “should” have occurred, but i think what you wrote was helpful, cohesive, and perfect, and therefore perfect timing too-

    i think we have idealized thoughts that are not really touching-in to reality, and we measure ourselves with these thoughts sometimes, and it isn’t even real! It is RELATIVE. Yes, schedules are great in that they allow us to synchronize with others, but i think we have to give respect to our own timing and flow with life. If you think about it, you were probably up to A LOT of other things which then culminated in this wonderful mid-winter message…I once went through a bad spell where i always thought i should be doing so many other things, but i felt too heavy to pull them off, so i got hip to my life devaluing tricks and started keeping a journal i entitled “What I am REALLY Doing”- which tended to be deep investigations of my mind and having incredible connections with people…so just to say we really “should” (HAHA!) let our wisdom rise up and in turn allow for a complete and whole experience of being here…nothing could be better or more correct.

    Sending love! B

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