Waiting. Acting.

Happy July Everyone

Sorry I missed June’s blog. There was a lot of activity for me this spring.

I’m waiting for something to arise in my mind to propel this month’s blog forward…waiting. Maybe that’s it….”waiting!” How often do we think that we don’t have the time to wait or the time to slow down and take it easy,  relax into the space before we act on something else? I know I do it quite a bit.

There is a saying, not sure the author of it, goes like this. “The phenomenal world gives you what you need.”  This statement is a reminder for me. It pops into my head quite often and it helps me settle into myself and my surroundings more fully.

I took the time to look up “phenomenal”: perceptible through the senses or through immediate experience.  When I am caught up in speed or my “thinking mind,” I do not feel and connect with what is going on around me very well. Therefore, I make decisions based on a limited amount of information.  I limit myself to a more narrow focus and do not include the whole of space to gather more wisdom.  I think it is fair to say that a lot of us do this – we act more quickly than necessary a lot of the time.  It is only after we’ve completed something that we think…Oh, I could have/should have done it like this!

There are big picture and small picture applications to allowing some “wait time” throughout our lives.  A quick one that pops into my mind is the old saying “Count to 10.”  This is a form of waiting.  I think another application is about getting three estimates before choosing a contractor to do a job for you. It takes more time and allows us to gather more information before we act.   I was just waiting for some other examples to arise ;). Cats – those of you who have cats can relate to this for sure. My cat used to stay in one place for long periods of time just watching the birds before she would pounce!  Happily, she wasn’t that great of a hunter so the birds would get away.  Farming is another great example of learning to wait and watch.  There are many, many benefits to taking our time before we jump into the next thing.  If you drink alcohol it is quite important to wait between drinks…let your body and mind feel the effects before going ahead and having another one.

On the flip side of waiting is action: “just do it,” no time like the present, first thought best thought, going beyond hesitation. Action is equally valid.  We have options to move and act or to be still and wait.  This is a constant in our lives: should I do it or should I wait?  Good luck to all of us, right?!

There are tools, if you will, to help us know when to choose action or waiting.  We can look to whatever spiritual path we are on to see what is written about this, we can sit quietly and contemplate our current situation, we can go for a walk in the woods and stop thinking, we can learn to meditate, we can talk to a friend….many ways are available to help us become more confident and present.

Please take the time to read the blurbs for our upcoming programs in August through September, or email to reserve the place for yourself to get away.  It is absolutely beautiful up here this time of year – lots of song birds, honey and bumble bees, the stars, crickets…

That’s all from me folks –


5 thoughts on “Waiting. Acting.

  1. Great to hear your voice, Sue (through word, that is). Your quote about the phenomenal world providing sounds like something I’ve heard a beloved Dapon we know from Boulder say. I was just with him for three weeks while the kids did Sun Camp. We talked a lot about letting ‘not knowing’ be the patience (within the context of discussing the Paramita of Patience).

    In the speed of the day, resting in the space of uncertainty with curiosity & alertness seems to be a radical approach to problem/solving.

    St Paul, MN

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