Winter Into Spring

Hello Windhorse followers,

I hope all of you are enjoying the emerging spring weather.  I was certain that this winter was going to “go out like a lion” since it entered like a lamb…but it seems winter has kind of quietly faded into spring.  The birds are very busy fluttering around, as are the flies!  It’s amazing how they just appear out of seemingly nowhere the minute we have a warm sunny day.  I even heard some spring peepers out in the distance the other day.  A friend recently passed along some info about spring birds – he said that it really isn’t the robins who are the ambassadors, but actually it’s the red-wing blackbirds.  We just started to hear them on the land a day or two ago.

It’s nice to notice the sun setting later and later every evening. It’s very obvious in the country.  I’ve also noticed that the sun is rising more to the north of the eastern horizon, and Orion is slowly moving to the west every evening.  I like to see “him” protecting the southern heavens with his sword at his side!  I feel very happy to have the time and space to watch the subtle changes of the seasons. If you can get out into nature wherever you are living img_1225and notice what’s happening all around, it can be a nice way to relax and take a break at any point during your day.

As we move into spring there will be a lot of outdoor work to do around the Center. This year we need to repair some of the wood and caulking around the east and west doors, paint and stain the outside of the building, and patch up or fully replace one of the bedroom windows. The native garden that was started last year on the hill to the northeast of the building will be filling in nicely as the weather warms. Vala will no doubt be up here soon to weed and plant some more.  One of the compost bins is ready to spread, and we’ve almost filled up the other one.  Outdoor life in the country continues to grow even when we are not quite prepared to give it the attention that’s needed.

Outdoor life in the country continues to grow even when we are not quite prepared to give it the attention that’s needed.

We just finished a week long program with 13 participants. It was fabulous. A generous, kind and wise group of people came from different areas of the country – Chicago, Missouri, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Madison and Texas! As I write this I’m preparing for another full house this weekend.  It is always such a pleasure to meet new people and see old friends.  The pace is definitely picking up!

We are continuing to try to manage the growing numbers of people inquiring about the space and who would like to rent Windhorse for their own programs and getaways.  If you haven’t visited us yet, you may have some good opportunities this year since we are planning on scheduling some more daylong and even half day programs to make it a little easier for folks with busy schedules.  I hope to see many more people come to visit this year.

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