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Hello Everyone,

Happy Spring! I can’t believe March is almost over. It seems like I just sent out the February blog.

We are gearing up for our busy season here at the retreat center. May through the first half of August is already pretty booked with rentals and Windhorse hosted programming. I’ve been trying to get all of our programs and rentals onto our web calendar for all to see. I think this would be of benefit for those of you who may wonder how we are doing with so few things listed on the calendar! I assure you that business is picking up.

I thought it might be interesting for you all to hear what kinds of things are taking up space in my brain in relation to the present and future of Windhorse. There are still a number of environmental uplift situations to take care of inside the building as well as the outside surroundings. We need to continue reducing the amount of things stored on the inside of the building – tools, recycling and garbage, gardening equipment, extra 5 gallon buckets, hoses, outdoor furniture and the like. This will all be moved outside to a tool shed or other such building that could also serve as a work space. There is a small crew currently working on a spacial survey of the 3 acres surrounding our building to find the most appropriate place to build a storage structure. This same crew has also been contemplating creating more outside sitting spaces, referred to as “sit spots,” so that people can meditate while in nature. I’d also like to have a larger gathering area for outdoor dining when the weather allows, and some places near the building for children to hang out and play. And, we are getting some tents ready in order to offer other options for places to stay outdoors, for those who like to sleep under the stars!

Although Windhorse has been in operation since 2001, it is only this past year that someone has lived year round on the land. That absence made it close to impossible to maintain momentum to accomplish the above goals. I am confident that we are now in the phase of making the impossible possible! I’m very glad to finally be here to help orchestrate this much needed attention to the building and land. There are many more strategic and operational discussions going on in my head, and happily with others, but I won’t continue with all of that during this particular update. I will touch on more of those in the April blog.

I would like to invite those of you reading this to contact me if you would like to be involved in any of the above projects, or if you have other suggestions or skills that you would like to offer. I can honestly say that working with a crew to further uplift Windhorse is a great way to get to know each other, create community, and spend time out in nature. The work weekends that we’ve had in the past have been a lot of fun. We work together, meditate together and have nice outdoor picnic-like meals with each other. It is a great way to enjoy this beautiful space…especially if you have a hard time doing long periods of sitting meditation (nudge nudge), because this is a great way to practice “meditation in action”.

I think this is it for now. As always, please take a look at our upcoming programming and also think about renting Windhorse for a solitary retreat of your own, for a family reunion, writing retreat, or vacation. Or just come up for the day to spend time outdoors, away from the city.

Thank you

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  1. Thanks you Sue! Such a lovely array of ideas for moving forward. So appreciative of your gentle and thoughtful care for this beautiful and tranquil retreat space. On a recent stay there we all commented that Windhorse feels like home.

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