Capital Campaign

Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future…

Welcome – Windhorse Retreat Center                                                                  2015 Capital Campaign and Fundraiser — Nearly halfway there!

Why do we need your support?  The 2015 capital campaign and fundraiser is meant to raise $50,000 to purchase the building, expand outreach and programming in the Midwest, and do some necessary improvements to the facility, including purchasing new mattresses, remodeling  of the downstairs bathroom and closets and lighting for the downstairs basement hallways.

Recent Activities

chi_2Chicago Fundraiser – Gina Caruso had a fabulous dinner and gathering at her home in Chicago! Thank you Gina!! About 25 people attended, including our featured Speaker Acharya Richard John. He made many wonderful remarks including the importance of having a regional retreat center to serve the Midwest, regional sangha building, helping to fulfill our practice requirements, etc. He also said “it would be good to think of Windhorse like another shrine room at your center.” Thanks to Barbara Wolkowitz and Larry Wolf for organizing such a great event.

  • Chicago Funds Raised – $14,885
  • Monthly donation increase – $25
  • New monthly contributors-2 (way to go Chicago!)


Mad_1Madison Fundraiser – the Madison Shambhala Center was decked out thanks to Governing Council Chair Lora Wiggins, Kathy Faas and others. The Adam Isaac trio played some wonderful music, jazz improvisation and awesome vocals! Remarks were made by Lora Wiggins, Sue Firer and Shastri Mark Blumenfeld. Approximately 25 people attended the event!

  • Madison Funds Raised – $3,098
  • Monthly donation increase – $55
  • New monthly contributors – 3 (way to go Madison!!!)


mke_1Milwaukee Fundraiser – A big thank you to Jessica Bizub and Paul Shinkle for holding the Milwaukee fundraiser and cocktail gathering at their home. All present were enthused about the future of Windhorse and charmingly entertained by Jessica’s ukulele playing. The money raised was an added bonus to the warm-hearted gathering of fellow Shambhala Warriors that lasted into the wee hours.


  • Milwaukee Funds Raised – $3,860
  • Monthly donation increase or new – $50
  • New monthly contributors-4 (Right on Milwaukee!)


Minneapolis – The Minneapolis center is regrouping and undergoing some restructuring, so is not available for a fundraiser at this time. A fundraising letter was sent to several Minneapolis sangha members with a history or ties to Windhorse. We will keep you posted on the returns…

Grand Total Raised: $21,843

Monthly donations (per month):$130 increase

Next StepsWindhorse Retreat Center Online Auction Friday, Dec. 18th, 2015

We’re having an auction! Please join us online Friday, December 18th, for the 2015 Windhorse Retreat Center Online Auction and help us buy the building!

You can purchase a holiday gift for yourself or your loved ones! There will be jewelry, several paintings, a bi-plane ride, a weekend of pet sitting, plus many more items, including an offering from the Sakyong!

Yours in the Great Eastern Sun, Sue Firer, Olivia Parry and the WRC Governing Council

Click here to donate now. And thank you for your generosity.

Help us reach our goal of $50,000 by January 31, 2016!