Spring at Windhorse Retreat Center

Strawberries at WRC!

Strawberries at WRC!

Spring is an abundant time of the year! Here are some of the past and upcoming programs and other happenings at Windhorse this season.

The strawberries that were planted last season are just beginning to ripen. They are succulent and delicious…and the little bunnies hopping around have left them alone, thankfully.

The birds are super busy and very vocal, singing and talking throughout the day.

We received our first CSA half share of vegetables from our neighbors at Springdale Farm. There are so many shades of green in the Spring!

We had a group of 19 up here for a weekend last month for a program hosted by Linda Conroy of Moonwise Herbs in Sheboygan. It’s always nice to have people on the land who come to respect and appreciate it’s bounty.

Another offering in May was a one-day program called Mindful Health and Wellness. Twelve fortunate folks came together for a day of meditation and relaxation techniques, movement and and body exercises, and adjustments led by Sahnya Thom and Deb Slota. Stay tuned – another version of this program will be offered again.

I am noticing how one day programs seem to be very doable for most people. It’s a great way to step away from our habitual patterns…or just bring them into a new setting!

As I’m writing this, in four days Jennifer Warnick and her crew will be hosting The Center for Non-Violent Communication’s annual Family Camp. That means Windhorse will welcome a group of 80 children and adults for a whole week! When I told Jennifer I was a little nervous that Windhorse and Bright Dawn, our neighboring local retreat center, might not be big enough she simply said, “I want you guys to know what you are capable of.” Now that’s a can-do attitude which is refreshing and contagious!

The end of the month of June will go out like a lamb when Frank Fischer hosts his second weekend of Renew, Revive, Rejuvenate. Frank works with the seasons, offering indoor and outdoor activities and practices that remind us to engage more fully in the present moment. Windhorse will offer this program each season. I wonder what he will come up with for our Fall and Winter outdoor activities?

I’m trying to keep this post short so I will end with the same reminder: Windhorse continues to offer private solitary and group rentals as well as our more formal offerings. Please contact us with any questions or scheduling needs.

It is also possible to just come up and go for a walk or sit outside and read for the day, without anyone attending to you. Please give us a call ahead of time to see if a program is already in session, so as not to disturb groups that require the entire Retreat Center property.

Thank you!


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