Being Present …

Hello Everyone!

Here is an update on what’s happening at the retreat center.

I will be moving up to Windhorse with Sam (my man) this May! We are both very excited about it. The move will make it much easier for us to care for the building and the land, and to participate with the community that is already up there.

Our presence will also allow us to hold more retreats, get-togethers and educational events. We will also be more available for the various renters, program participants, and visiting teachers.

I’ve been anticipating this move for a long time but it was never quite right for me until now. I feel very fortunate and determined – fortunate for having the flexibility in my life to just up and move, and determined to establish Windhorse as a permanent, sustainable, healthy member of the community that surrounds it.

I am so happy and appreciative for this opportunity. When May comes I’ll be sitting at the computer writing these blog posts from our office space located beneath David and Louise’s magnificent sun-tracking solar panels. Most of their home electricity is provided through this unit!

Please stay tuned for more calendar and schedule updates, website upgrades, and our monthly website generated newsletter which will include this blog.

Stay present and stay warm,




3 thoughts on “Being Present …

  1. Hello Sue,

    Please allow me to introduce myself.My name is Victoria White.I live in Kansas City ,Mo with my dog Charlie who just rescued me about one month ago.

    I have just found your site.

    Can you tell me more about your retreats? Do you have a retreat in May,2015?

    Kindest regards,
    Victoria White

    • Hi Victoria,

      Unfortunately we do not have a retreat scheduled for May except for a one day 9 to 5 wellness and meditation
      retreat. We may be adding a weeklong retreat in July but I’m waiting to hear from another group who may want to rent the space during that time. We do have a weekend retreat coming up in April-but you probably already saw that one.

      Thanks for the inquiry-if you have any other questions let me know.


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