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Hello Windhorse Followers!


Winter has finally decided to grace us with all of its glory! I hope you are able to appreciate it in some way. It may seem like the programming is in hibernation up here in chilly Plymouth, but I assure you I am working diligently with the teachers in our region and beyond to schedule one day, weekend, and weeklong programs focusing on meditation, peace and sustainability in the coming months! We are happy to see that a number of you are continuing to rent Windhorse for your own private retreats and hosting some of your own programming – your support is much appreciated.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the past, present and future of Windhorse. I remember back in 1997 when Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche visited the Midwest and suggested that it would be good if we could find some land out in the country to establish a regional retreat center. He felt that getting away from the city and our everyday habits and patterns once in a while was necessary to deepen our practice, our meditation, and understanding of ourselves and our world. Fortunately, a number of people from the Shambhala centers in Madison, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago were able to come together and make it happen. The seed was planted in 1997 and began sprouting in 2001 when the retreat building and surrounding 3 acres were purchased.

back view-winterIt was July 4th, 2005 when the Sakyong returned to visit what we were then calling the Midwest Shambhala Retreat Center, blessed the land, gave a talk and wished us well. Shortly after that he presented us with our official Shambhala name – Windhorse. Not long after his July visit, another 30+ acres were offered to Shambhala by Beldon and Lisa Paulson at an incredibly generous rate. The Midwest community came together once again and raised the money on behalf of Shambhala International.

Now, here we are in 2015 and still providing a place to get away from the speed and distractions of the city. People come here for many reasons – to attend the programming we offer, for a family reunion, to connect with nature and hike the trails on the land and in the nearby Kettle Moraine State Forest, to host their own getaway with friends, or to rent the space to host a group retreat of their own. These are just a few of the ways that people like you are able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and calm energy of this land.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Winter weekthün walk

Winter weekthün walk

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