What inspires me? The vision of society as basically good, that everyone, even myself, has fundamental worthiness. I am inspired by the words of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche:

“If humanity is to survive—and not only that, to flourish—we must be brave enough to find our wisdom and let it shine. We uncover it by beginning to examine our assumptions. We may never before have considered human nature, but in order to move forward as a global community, it is vital that we do it now. Is it really our nature to be fearful and aggressive, or could it be that we are actually gentle and fearless at heart? Underneath the stress and anxiety, is it possible there is peace? If our self-reflection turns up an inkling of that, we can draw power from it, daring to shift our destiny. In this way, the Shambhala principle is a socially transformative process through which confusion about human nature becomes confidence in human worthiness.” The Shambhala Principle

Here on this beautiful gentle land of the Windhorse Retreat Center, it is easy to relax, to feel nature’s bounty, to feel the earth’s support. Come for a day, a weekend or a week to restore, refresh, and renew. Our planet is counting on it!

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