• On Retreat

      Winter is such a beautiful time of year, especially in the country where the snow can stay white much longer than it can in the city. Winter is also a good time to slow down and hibernate just a little bit, which brings me to this month’s blog topic: Retreat. I highly recommend taking … Continue 

A Meditation Intensive Weekend, Friday, Feb. 23, 4pm – Sunday, Feb. 25, 4pm.

Practical Buddhism, with Peter Komendowski and Douglas Gentile, Phd.

This weekend retreat will explore the world of relationships, including happiness and sadness, coping skills, and finding a peaceful center in the midst of chaos, crisis, excitement, falling in love, grief, and growth.  It will include meditation, yoga, and discussion to build resilience in the face of stress, happiness in the face of fear, and an expanded potential for mindfulness. Click here for more information and to register.


Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate, with Frank Fischer

Friday, April 20, 7pm – Sunday, April 22, 2pm

Join us for a weekend of meditation, walks, reading, star gazing and relaxation with Frank Fischer. Frank structures these weekends with the intention of helping people learn to slow down and relax in a healthy way-he offers a number of skillful techniques that we can use in daily life to remind us to pay attention to the present moment which naturally slows us down. Everyone is welcome!


Winter Writer’s Retreat, with Lisa Harris, Cancelled

Windhorse Retreat Center is located in a country setting, providing a wonderful space for contemplation and tapping into our writing selves.

Writers will have time to write, receive meditation instruction, spend time sitting together each day, share our writing, and offer support to each other by listening and offering encouragement.

$150 program cost includes food and lodging. Commuter cost is $100. Click here to learn what to expect!

For more information and to register, visit www.windhorse.shambhala.org