To be fully present in our body: a week-long retreat

Embodiment Weekthun
with Shastri Brett Ferrigan
Sat. August 19, 6:00pm – Sun. August 27, 11:00am

Often described as our “inner-most desire,” embodiment is the experience of being fully present in our body, without schism, separation, or self-doubt. When we slow down, holding this intention, we can be delighted to find that our body has always been present—and is actually waiting to let us in.

Join us for this week-long exploration of embodiment, using the tools of Shambhala Meditation, movement (yoga everyday-optional) and stillness to more fully understand being present, being whole and being more fully human.

Brett Ferrigan is a Shastri, or senior teacher, in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He serves as a Chaplain in Palm Beach Florida, is a certified yoga instructor, and leads warrior retreats nationally.

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Radical Responsibility: Transformational Strategies for Effective Social Action, with Acharya Fleet Maull

Saturday, Sept. 9, 8:00am – Sunday, Sept.10, 5:00pm.

“Radical Responsibility”offers an alternative to the “blame game.”  It’s the voluntary choice to assume or embrace 100% ownership for each and every circumstance we face in life.

Developing greater moment-to-moment presence of mind through mindfulness meditation can help us recognize those shifts of attitude where we begin to feel controlled or victimized by our circumstances.”

The weekend will be an exploration of the intersection of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and interpersonal neurobiology. Click here for pricing and to register.


“Fleet, the Radical Responsibility course we took from you was awesome!” – Steven Smith

“Fleet’s trainings have taken away my excuses…” – Susan Phenix

“Fleet Maull is as authentic as they come and the ideas he shares are truly empowering.”  – Janet Swartz

“My experiences with Fleet have been life changing. I now view conflict resolution in an open and compassionate way, and learned to let go of trepidation and embrace experiences with confidence and compassion.  An amazing and loving teacher.” – J

Shambhala Acharya Fleet Maull, MA, PhD candidate, is an author, meditation teacher, management consultant, end-of-life care educator and social activist working for peace, prison reform and social transformation. Founder of the Prison Dharma Network and the Colorado Peacemaker Institute, he is also a fully empowered sensei and senior priest in the Soto Zen Lineage of Maezumi Roshi.

Learn more about Fleet Maull.

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