• Suffering…Impermanence…Life

    Hello Everyone, The world at large and our own personal worlds are always in transition. We can accept this truth or we can wish it were different – either way, the nature of reality is that it is always in transition. One definition is, “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style … Continue 

Featured Programs

Shambhala Levels I-III

with Blessie Hornilla

July 6th—July 13th

Accelerate your progress along the Way of Shambhala and enjoy the benefit of intensive practice by joining us for Level I thru III of Shambhala Training. Continue »

Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate

with Frank Fischer

July 27th—July 29th

Please join us for a weekend of meditation, walks, reading, star gazing and relaxation with Frank Fischer. Frank structures these weekends with the intention of helping people learn to slow down and relax in a healthy way. Continue »

Embodiment Weekthun

with Shastri Brett Ferrigan

August 24th—September 1st

Join us for this week-long exploration of embodiment, using the tools of meditation, gentle body exercises, stillness and connecting with drala allowing and helping us be more fully present and connected to ourselves and others. Continue »