Retreat & Renewal

with Dr. Rebecca McAllister

May 3rd—May 10th (2013) -Date cancelled

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  • $70
Room: Bioshelter (East & West)

Nurture you body and soul in a week-long retreat in the country hills of the Kettle Morraine State Park in a passive solar building.  Join like-minded people in a relaxed setting of meditation, rest, and renewal.


Meditation instruction provided by a qualified instructor, plus optional activities of hiking, journaling, creative arts, and outings organized throughout the week. 


Typical day, might be anything but typical from your usual busy schedule.

   Wake with sun or sleep in

   Coffee and tea provided every day plus eggs from the local organic farm, oatmeal, and breads.

   Group meditation practice

   Hikes in the meadow, woods, or nearby State Park.  Nature guidebooks available

   Lunches organized as outings to local venues

   Time for journaling, art, and reading

   Group meditation practice

   Wholesome simple vegetarian dinners

   Discussion and reflection with fellow meditators

   Campfires or woodstove fire every evening


Price $70/day $420/week includes breakfast and dinner and overnight accommodations.

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