Discover and Experience Meditation, Peace, and Sustainability

Windhorse Retreat Center has provided year-round space since 2002 for group and individual retreats, artistic gatherings, nature retreats, and private events.

Windhorse-Retreat-Center-bldg-300x224The retreat center was built by the High Wind Association as a state-of-the-art, passive solar bio-shelter and greenhouse. Beldon and Lisa Paulson, are educators, activists, and authors who helped to develop High Wind as an intentional community in the 1980’s. Inspired, in part, by the Scottish intentional community Findhorn, High Wind is based on living according to the principles of ecology and sustainability.

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group retreats

group retreats

The Shambhala Community purchased the retreat center building in 2001 and later an additional 33 acres were acquired under generous terms from the High Wind group. The additional land includes hiking and ski trails and adjoins the Kettle Moraine State forest. Inspired by the High Wind mission, Shambhala’s Windhorse Retreat Center embraces the opportunity to engage in and manifest environmental sustainability and awareness through its programs.

  • Strawberries at WRC!

    Spring at Windhorse Retreat Center

    Spring is an abundant time of the year! Here are some of the past and upcoming programs and other happenings at Windhorse this season. The strawberries that were planted last season are just beginning to ripen. They are succulent and delicious…and the little bunnies hopping around have left them alone, thankfully. The birds are super … Continue